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Green Snowflake


Westarctica is the only nonprofit organization in the world dedicated entirely to Western Antarctica.


Western Antarctica is one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet, yet there is no single organization dedicated to studying and preserving this vast, magnificent, desolate region.  It falls under the political dominion of no government, thus Western Antarctica has no voice in the international community.


The Westarctica Conservation Scholarship is a graduate research grant for the study of climate change.


The goal of this scholarship is to invest in early-career researchers who are pursuing a career in climate-change science.​

Climate Marches

Since 2018, representatives of Westarctica have participated in climate marches in cities around the world.

We are an official partner organization with the RISE for Climate movement, which includes over 900 climate change actions in 95 countries.

Antarctic Whaling

In 2016, Westarctica began a public smear campaign to pressure Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research to cease whaling operations in the protected waters of the Southern Ocean.

Finally, in 2019, Japan announced that it would stop all whaling in Antarctic waters.

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