Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Other Vegas Strip Clubs I Looked At

Glitter Gulch: The Gulch has no Happy Hour. It opens at 1 pm, but the price is the same day or night. No cover, but a two-drink minimum at $10 per drink, which you must pay as soon as you enter the club. I checked it out around 5:50 pm and found the typical two dancers on their runway stage and numerous other dancers working the crowd. Dancer selection was average to below average in the afternoon.

Babes: Babes opens at 5 pm. I got there around 5:30 and stayed about a half-hour. There were no dancers in the place, but there was a good-looking cocktail waitress who offered to dance for me if I wanted a show. (She said she used to be a dancer there.) I bought her a drink and we chatted for a while—a pleasant afternoon GFE.

Domestics are only $2 until 8 pm and drafts are only $1.50. Lap dances are 2-for-$20 until 8 pm, but again, that early in the afternoon no dancers were available.

Crazy Horse III:  This 24/7 club currently has a Happy Hour that runs from noon to 9 pm, the main deal being $5 domestics and mix-and-match buckets of five beers for $20. I saw five dancers in the place, all at the bar, most talking to customers, but for the half-hour I was there, no dancer ever got on the stage. I sat and talked with a dancer at the bar.

OG:  OG is another 24/7 club with a Happy Hour that runs from 6 am to 6 pm. I went in around 5 pm and stayed for a beer. Domestics are $3.50 and imports are $4.50. There were three dancers at the bar, but none on stage. There were one or two other customers.

Larry’s Villa: This is a 24/7 club. I checked it out around 3:45 pm and found two dancers at the bar and none on stage. A domestic beer here is only $3 in the afternoon. There were about six customers in the place. One of the dancers—a very good-looking Asian girl—offered me a lap dance, but otherwise the place was dead.